Day 32: Grilled Smoked Apple Brats! FO LUNCH.


Day 30-31: Jerk Chicken and Grilled Zucchini

This shit was out of control good. REALLY fucking good.

and I don’t really boast much about my cooking.

Day 26-30: Breakfast Omelet

I’ve been eating this as much as I can, when I have time to make it. Depending on how big I make it, it can be up to 50g of protein under 250 calories, with a ton of fiber and other nutrients.

This is a true superfood, it’s Egg whites, Chia seeds and two slices of whatever cheese, I please. This time, it was Havarti. It is fucking amazingly delicious and insanely good for you.


Day 25: Dinner, Is served.

Day 20-24: Grilled Veggies / Steak / Chicken legs

This shit was delicious.

Fresh Zukes, Squash, Vidalia Onions, NY. Strip Steak, and Chicken drumsticks.

Day 17-19: Southern biscuits & Beer braised beef short ribs

Hard times, busy everyday trying to get things progressed. This isn’t a blog for anything other than food, so i’ll save the life story…. but I did manage to make something amazing.

Beer braised beef shortribs, on southern biscuits, with an egg on top. 

I will have a real fridge soon, and grill in working order as well. Until Feb, the updates are going to be slower.

Day 11-16

Fridge broke, New fridge I bought doesn’t fit in the house even though its the same exact model, because the new front door I bought is an inch wider than the previous one. Another new fridge tomorrow, and blog resumes.

Day 10: Garlic Chicken

Mise en place


Ingredients from left to right:

  1. One dead fryer chicken
  2. Good pepper
  3. Good salt
  4. Good olive oil
  5. Alot of Garlic. Like 50 cloves.


Sometimes, you want a simple dinner…. with a simple, delicious flavor…. delicious, simple, sweet, rich, garlicly flavor.  Enter, Garlic Chicken. 

This meal is simple. Start with a chicken, disassemble it into 8 peices, brown the skin in a dutch oven to a delish crispyness. Next add garlic, some extra olive oil, salt, pepper into the dutch oven. Make sure you season it well… Insert into oven at 350 degrees for an hour.



It was seriously fucking good, and simple.

Day 7: Soba steak noodle dish

Mise en place

Ingredients from left to right:

  1. 16oz white mushroom
  2. soy sauce
  3. fresh ginger
  4. Japanese soba noodles
  5. 16oz watercress
  6. steak. NY strip, boneless.

Aside from the steak, this meal was completely organic. It’s also gluten free, and sans steak… its vegan. You can assume everything I use is going to be organic and gluten free where possible. I’m into that healthy shit, but not a fanatic. If my produce vendor has organic, I use it, if not, tough tit.

Noodles are simple, boil for 4 minutes. Pan-seared the steak in soy sauce, removed steak, added mushrooms, added  1/4th cup of water and a bit more soy sauce to steam it up, reduced it down, poured on noodles, threw in steak, mixed up. Added cucumber and watercress after, both are best raw.

25 minutes later